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London Fetish Dungeon

Dungeon Playspace Studio

Booking Information


This facility is for adults only and primarily for couples, although one or two others may join them at additional cost. An absolute maximum of four people is allowed (see Extra Person Rates below).

Responsible alcohol consumption is acceptable.

There is zero tolerance to drug use. If this is discovered, your booking will be immediately terminated and the police may be informed.

Rental Prices

August Special Offers

1 hour £80
2 hours £150 saving £10
3 hours £210 saving £30
4 hours £260 saving £60
5 hours £310 saving £90
6 hours £360 saving £120
7 hours £410 saving £150
8 hours £460 saving £180

Contact us if you'd like to book for longer.


Extra Person Rates

All above rates are for couples. Additional guests can be added to the booking for £50 per person. You must inform us if extra guests will accompany you when booking. There is a limit of two extra guests - ie. an absolute maximum of four people is allowed.

Booking Fee

All bookings must be paid for in full at the time of booking. This is mandatory. We accept payments via credit card, bank transfer, or cash. Your booking is not secure until the payment is received.

Security Deposit

A security deposit of £100 is also required to secure against damages to buildings, fixtures, fittings, and equipment. Your Security Deposit will be returned after your stay, subject to our terms and conditions. Naturally, if repairs to any damage costs more than £100, you will be liable for this. We accept payments via credit card, bank transfer, or cash.


Cancellation Policy

More than 72 hours before • your booking fee will be refunded.
• the security deposit will be refunded.
Less than 72 hours but more than 24 hours before • rescheduling may be possible with £40 surcharge. If not, £80 of your booking fee will be forfeit (any excess refunded).
• the security deposit will be refunded.
Less than 24 hours before • £80 of your booking fee will be forfeit (any excess refunded).
• the security deposit will be refunded.


Opening Times

Generally 11am - 11pm. Naturally, availability depends on prior bookings, shoots, etc.


Rules and Regulations

By booking studio hire you agree to the following terms:

You will leave the premises as they were found. All guests must show respect to staff and other users by leaving the space clean and tidy.

You accept all liability for injury or fatality occurring from your use of the space. We accept no responsibility for injury caused by improper use of equipment or furniture.

Both a booking deposit and a security deposit is mandatory to secure your booking. You may lose your booked slot if you fail to pay for an upcoming booking. Your security deposit will be returned within 3 working days of your check out time, subject to inspection of the premises and equipment.

The front door MUST remain closed and locked at all times.

Significant soiling, liquid damage, etc, to the space will result in your security deposit (or part thereof) being held, or an excess charged. Broken furniture or equipment will be charged at replacement cost.

Respecting our neighbours is mandatory. Please do not loiter, smoke, or stand outside. Activities must remain inside the studio at all times.

We regret that your security deposit may be forfeit or a deduction made if conditions are not adhered to.

These rules and regulations are not all encompassing, and may be subject to additions or changes.