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We sometimes change furniture and room configuration to keep things fresh and interesting.

We are happy to explain how any piece of equipment may be used - we don't expect everyone to know everything, so please don't hesitate to ask.

Fetters Bondage Throne

The Fetters Bondage Throne is a multi-purpose dungeon furniture piece. Perfect for a dominant with one or two subs. The chair is an ideal seat for the dominant to sit and be worshiped by their sub. The many bondage straps turn the chair into a functional restraint piece, for use with one or two subs, keeping them firmly in place. Additional features include a face restraint, and a lower head restraint to give a sub the view from below.

Fetters Whipping Bench

The Fetters Whipping Bench is a high quality spanking or fucking bench with a shaped recess for the face. The angled design keeps the sub's ass in the air, in addition to giving full access to all of the sub's sensitive areas. A lower back guard pad buckles either side of the bench, and attached bondage straps secure the head, body, and arms firmly in position for maximum restraint. Comfortable for longer CP sessions.

Gynaecological Bed

The gyno bed gives a range of possibilities for clinical or medical restraint play. The sub 'patient' can be securely strapped either flat down or inclined at various angles. Adjustable leg stirrups can be utilised to keep the legs apart for genital or anal examination. An additional medical stool can be used for the comfort of the dominant doctor or nurse during clinical 'inspections' and medical 'treatments'.

Examination Table

The Examination Table is a functional multi-purpose medical furniture item that can be used for examination, assessment, and treatment of the submissive 'patient', suitable for a wide range of fetish clinic applications.

Sitting Area

The sitting area provides a comfortable corner in which to chill out, have your sub serve you a drink, perform foot or body worship, or watch others play on the various prieces of dungeon and clinical fetish furniture.